Steve Sterling

Tuesday, October 21, 1986

Time: 3:00 P.M.


Today pressed with a great burden and an almost harassing call to prayer. I responded. As

I began to praise God, I heard the Lord Jesus say, "CAST ALL YOUR BURDENS UPON ME

AND I WILL SUSTAIN YOU!" (Psalm 55:22) At that time, I felt such a tremendous love

from His heart that it left me speechless. I was awestruck, and silent as an ocean of glory

surrounded me. Filled with love and encompassed with glory, suddenly it was brought to

my remembrance, the problems that had plagued me over the past twenty-eight days. One by

one, as I thought on them, I felt them being cut from my life, like one end of a string being

cut from the other, with a pair of shears. Oh, what a tremendous release was wrought! What

freedom came! At that moment, I knew I was being renewed and eternally strengthened.

A new realm of the Spirit was being introduced to me.

The HoIy Spirit spoke, "I SHALL BREATHE INTO HIM!" He said to the Father, "l SHALL

AWAKEN HIM ONTO HEAVEN!" This last statement was repeated to me twice more after I

meditated on this vision.

Walking free from my burdens, I saw Jesus standing before me, very large in appearance.

His arms were shrouded by a flowing, golden, sleeved robe. He held my burdens freshly cut

from me. He lifted them up as if to offer them up to God the Father.

The next instant, I pressed into an invisible world, (at least to humans, who are earth bound

creatures) called Heaven. I could not figure out if I was on earth or in Heaven. They both

were impressing upon me at the same time. Then it seemed earth began growing pale,

lifeless. It seemed to be moving at a much slower rate, becoming much duller in appearances

and less tangible.

I was conscious of the atmosphere. It reflected a radiance, as if the sun had just risen in all

of its glory. Accompanied by the freshness and newness of the dawn of day, was the feeling

of a thrilling and splendidly beautiful sunset in all of its maturity and consolation, existing in

a blend of praise unto God! Then I looked, and I could see, or rather knew there was a grand - marvelous -

ecclesiastical - Holy Choir whose sanctified sound filled and pervaded the very atmosphere surrounding me

for miles in every direction. It seemed to fill the sky, the sound of which kept getting fuller

and fuller - louder and louder. Oh, its music was an angelic choir, echoing with a chilling

crescendo as if in a large cathedral; the sounds of which thrill the heart; the Praise of which

overwhelmed my emotions! Oh! What bliss! lt thundered and roared like waves of the sea

coming in torrents of life and blessing. The hearing of this was, as I realized, an eminent


I was at once, conscious of my feet, looking below them, I was fixed on a street. It was

made up of precious and valuable material, of which the cost and beauty was immeasurable.

This really gave a sense of great importance with each step I took.

I was thrilled with this understanding. Then my eyes looked up, and I understood why the

angels were singing. The music dimmed, and the sound of it eventually ceased. Then I

looked within myself and found that God was present. It seemed He knew all about rne, and

I, Him. We were 'knowing' each other. Oh, I was so at peace, so comforted, so satisfied.

Curiosity fled. I was blessed just to know Him in His fullness. And it seemed, at that

moment, and every moment as I walked, I couldn't possibly know Him better or deeper.

Then I realized - I was singing a hymn of praise. The Holy Spirit in me knew the meaning - I

knew it was worship. That is why they sing in Heaven. Every step was in His perfect will.

He was overwhelmingly pleased, and so was I. Turning towards the center where there was

a beautiful city, perhaps where God resides, I was conscious of two things: ( l ) A holy hush

was in the air caused by a reverence and great respect for a Holy God - no jesting, no joking,

nor taking things lightly or carelessly, nor any impiety. Oh, so serious a thing was in the air.

(2) A complete absence of Fear was present; no forbidding, intimidating hesitation or

caution was ever needed to be exercised. There was no feeling that one must be concerned about

being protected, for in my moment complete assurance that God was in control, was present.

There was knowledge that all that once was evil and destructive was now forever and once-and-for-all

gone from sight - done away! WAVES, BEAMS and RAYS of omnipotent power, radiated

before me as if to dare and challenge all, yet not a challenger. At this I sobbed and cried not

knowing why. I walked a staircase downward, and it was as if I jumped back into my body

and landed on my feet! I was numb, marvelously healed and blessed.

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