Steve Sterling

GOD SPOKE TO Steve Sterling audibly in 1977, and said:

‘ Do not doubt the gift I have given you. Do not doubt the gift I have placed in your heart. ‘

Acts 6:8,10... And Stephen, full of grace and power, wrought great wonders and signs among the people.

10 ... And they were not able to withstand the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spake.

Steve Sterling

In October of 1977 Steve (an Italian born catholic) who never read the bible, heard the Word of God preached (the first time he ever heard the word of God) and he gave his heart to The Lord. That same year on his birthday (November 6th) Steve was miraculously filled with the Holy Ghost. A converted Jew, John Jacobs laid his hands on Him and Steve prayed in tongues for One hour but the people only heard him preaching from the Book of Psalms! It was the miracle of Pentecost! Two weeks later God spoke to Steve in an audible voice. "DO NOT DOUBT THE GIFT I HAVE GIVEN YOU. DO NOT DOUBT THE GIFT I HAVE PLACED IN YOUR HEART." Five years ago God told Steve to fly to Dallas on a one way ticket, with no job (only Jesus). He was invited to speak at Dallas East Church on Jennie Lee and Buckner Blvd. Steve's one day meeting turned into six months straight. Steve Sterling in the past had the gift of miracles and the casting out of devils.

{Two notable miracles: An insane woman that looked like an animal was brought to his meeting in West Palm Beach Assembly, West Palm Beach, Fl. and after a fifteen day fast 16 devils were cast out of her. She was knocked back 15 feet and God instantly delivered her and her husband was saved as the people in the font of the church felt a wind blow by them and witnessed entities leaving through the roof. A second was in Scranton, Pa. at Pastor Legg's church concerning a woman who had a growth on her leg. While Steve was preaching in front of three TV cameras she saw it instantly vanish from her eyes after carrying it for fifteen years.} Although Steve was working in the miraculous he was not a consistent tither back then. In the Dallas East Meeting fifteen years later Steve tithed 50 percent of his income and entered into a new economic era, on many occasions sowing $100.00 bills to the homeless and has consistently from that day sown over thirty percent of his income . Just two years ago Steve and his now lovely wife (the widow of the great Voice of Healing Evangelist Alton L. Hayes from Dallas, Texas) tithed their largest check to date … $10,000.00 dollars.

After being shut down abruptly at the climax of the six month meeting, Steve prayed and God said draw an 'x' and don't move! Steve had flown to Dallas on a one way ticket and still had lots of past debt to erase. The money started coming in from uncommon and amazing sources. People whom he had never met were showing up at his door bringing resources. Pastor Sterling during this time rewrote 24 World Hits and gave them Christian words such as: Ring My Bell / Psalm 91 / You Can Do It the Right Way / Seven Eyes / and many more. He also Wrote four Books. They are entitled:

  1. Splash Overflow

  2. Cash Overflow

  3. F.A.M.E. {Faith Anointed Miracle Economy}

  4. Covenant Wealth

  5. 50 Reasons Why God Has To Do Miracles Everyday

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